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We're here to help make your watch dream come true and new for 2014 is our "help to buy" scheme that is completely and utterly interest FREE for everyone.

Absolutely no credit checks or credit history is required.

We are now offering up to 6 month's to pay for your chosen item for a deposit of just 10% of the purchase price.

You then have an agreed period (up to six month's depending on the item) to complete your payment in full.

During this period your chosen item will be removed from sale and placed in our holding safe with your name on it. It's YOURS and will not be shown or sold to anyone else and it can be collected at any time, as long as final payment has been made in full.

Your payments can be made to us weekly, monthly, or at the end of the agreed finance period. It's up to you, you can pay us as much or as little as you like during your agreed period.

This helps our customers spread the cost for the watch of their dreams and secures an item that you'd really love to own, but cannot afford to purchase in full and to those who just like the idea of spreading their payment.

Our terms and conditions are simple and very basic:

1) Your deposit must equal 10% of the final sale price
2) Payment for your item must be completed within the agreed timeframe
3) Failure to complete full and final payment within the agreed timeframe will result in the immediate loss of your deposit and the item will be offered on general sale.
5) Any further payments made to us will be refunded in full. But your deposit will be lost.
6) Item in question will stay with us until payment is made in full.

If you have any question's or would like to reserve your watch then please call us on 01342 323982.

Apply for Layaway

* I wish to apply for your 0% layaway scheme and would like to purchase the following watch:

(This must equal at least 10% of the purchase price)
months (Maximum of six months)
per month
= total price of item

Personal information:

* By submitting this application I confirm that I accept the terms and conditions above and I am making a firm offer to complete this purchase.